Tuesday, October 4, 2011



1.What is wrong with this damn laptop?!?

2. Is everyone ready for the new changes coming to Facebook? If you want to get the new look before all your friends - use these directions and you'll be the coolest kid on the block.

3. No doubt.

4. I must say this first: God forbid and rest in peace this poor child's soul... Carey and I just thought this sign could have been worded a little differently, though.

5. I really need a few of these... or maybe I should make some of David's mason jar tea.

6. Sharon said these mother-in-law tongue plants are over 65 years old.

7. I considered going to this but the timing is bad. I was thinking of either going to Sedona or Santa Fe for my birthday. I know if I go to Santa Fe, though, I'll just come home and want to open up a restaurant there. Non RENT-heads won't get that. ;-)

8. We saw a monkey pug when we went to the zoo the other day!

JUST KIDDING - found this photoshopped photo on Pinterest. ;-)

9. This sums it up.

10. Or maybe this - the back of The Progress this week... You know how they say people are brought into your life for a reason? Do you think that's the same for these ads? ;-)

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