Tuesday, October 18, 2011



1. It's that time of year again...

2. I had this dream the other night - me and my mother and my mother-in-law where on one of those air boats and there were alligators all around. I had a pool skimmer in the water and we were driving really fast and I scooped up my dog Gypsy. It was very strange. The whole time we were laughing hysterically. Then we went to - I think - sawgrass mills and had lunch outside. It was really weird. Gypsy was on my lap soaked and we were just sitting there eating. I think sawgrass was the first Cheesecake Factory we ever went to. It looked like that place. That's the second florida dream I've had in a week. The other was me walking around the mother queen of the universe church gift shop - or whatever that church is called. I had a Wegman's shopping cart full of statues. Not that that was the weirdest part, but are there even Wegman's in Orlando?!

3. There was this fabulous wool pillow in one of the stores in Ligonier. Any other time it would have gone home with me. It was really depressing. First of all, it reminded me of something from Tinderbox and then I realized I have absolutely no place to put it anyway. It would have just gotten packaged up and gone to storage. I know that's not the saddest thing in the world but, for a minute, it was to me. ;-(

4. Have you seen the commercial for that online degree thing? Shannon Doherty is the spokesperson now... This article is funny and you can watch the commercial there too.

5. I saw this in a coffee shop in regent square...

6. I was thinking of Lizzie and all the places we moved her into and questioned myself if I could do what she is doing - live in someone's house in one room - even at her age. Then I realized that's what I'm doing here! For as much as this was/is my home - it doesn't feel like it to me and I still haven't moved in. Living in basically one room is starting to make me a little claustrophobic. (see #3) It's sad to say but I honestly don't like it here.

7. This was on a sweatshirt in one of the craft booths in Ligonier...
I have to figure out what I'm doing here. No one seems to want me. An 18 year old college degree with no work experience except being a housewife isn't exactly highly marketable. Where do you market yourself when being a wife and mom is really the only thing that would make you happy? Match.com?

8. What is up with everyone posting all their planking photos? I found this photo online. "Snoopy - the original plankster."

9. Glo is really losing it - fast. Maybe I'll save that for tomorrow - it's a story in itself. I'm having a hard time handling my own shit and now this?!

10. A world without bacon... ;-)

11. I was at Burgatory tonight... looked around and it made me sad. ;-(

12. Running out of ideas here... got these tonight. She's not sure about this!!! Think we'll try it out for awhile! (please work!)

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