Saturday, October 8, 2011


Charlie Sheen isn't the only one WINNING these days... ;-) Lily and I went to Pugtoberfest today for an event to benefit the Southwest PA Pugs with Special Needs.
She came in first for her Geisha costume. She lost for curliest tail, though, and I pulled her out of longest tongue when I saw some of the other contestants. Some of those tongues were dragging on the ground! We opted out of the other contests. I think she would have won for longest kisser, though. We should have entered that one.

There were a ton of people there and a lot of pugs and pug-wannabes. We took a little walk around the playground and then stopped for lunch.

This little one, May, LOVED the Bud. Her people said all she wanted to do was come over and see her.

I was told George was a misfit when he was a baby. His head was bigger than his body and he couldn't stand up and walk without falling over. I think he grew into his good looks. He reminded me of Yoda a little bit and he didn't even have a costume on.

Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) is a terrier pug mix and her sister (the black one) Eclipse - named after the Pink Floyd song - is 3 months old. The two of them and Lily had a lot of fun chasing each other.

We took a little rest under a tree because it was getting too hot and this little boy, Matthew, walked over and asked if he could sit with us.
His dog's name is Bella - she's a year old and likes to roll in the leaves. I had no idea where his parents were and he sat with us for about 30 minutes. He told me all about his life. At one point I thought he might be a ghost kid that just came over to check in on me but his parents finally appeared and I figured out he was real. We met up again and he even helped me put Lily's wig and costume on too. Thanks, Matthew.

I really didn't want to leak the Bud's costume until Halloween so I scoped out the competition to see if I thought she would place in the top three. I thought she had a pretty good chance. We were one of the first ones to pass by the judges - there were a lot of oohhs and aahhs. Of course they were all cute... there were some really cute ones, though. I thought one of the pirates and a little bo peep (she came in second) were going to beat her.
There was a b-baller that was pretty cute...
... and a dragon - she came in third.

In the end - they called Lily's name and she got FIRST PLACE. It was like Miss America... everyone came around to take her picture - just as my camera battery died.

We were laughing the other night when our friend Robbie said that Lily is a bit of a celebrity - everyone at his work knows about her. I guess today she got her 15 minutes of fame in the pug community. The geisha costume is the cutest thing ever and incredibly well made. I found it at Marshall's for $9.99. I haven't taken her formal Halloween pictures yet so I'll just post the pic I used on Facebook.

Congratulations, Lily Bud. Hope you had a fun day! ;-)

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