Monday, October 17, 2011


I swear I saw Denise today. I was behind these two girls in line at the Shop N Save in Monroeville. I was distracted at first - they both had on scrubs from a nearby trade school... each had their own groceries in the cart so not sure if they were roommates or just friends shopping together. The one turned around because she bumped into my cart and I almost fell to the ground. She looked just like Denise. The picture I took of her face came out really blurry so I just got the back of her. She probably thought I was crazy - poor thing.

Anyway, not real crazy about that store either... every store around here is terrible. I had high hopes when I saw these almond torte cupcakes which were a big FAIL. The cake was ok but the icing was typical Shop N Save. Very disappointing.

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