Monday, October 3, 2011


So much for getting comfy last night. Lily and I went into bed and about ten minutes later she freaked out. She jumped up and knocked the pillows over and started barking at something at the end of the bed. I got a little concerned when she started growling. She's only ever done that one other time. I have no idea what she saw or thought she saw but she was staying far away from it. She jumped off and scratched on the bed for me to get up. She seemed like she was petrified. We came out into the living room and all she did was pace and kept looking into the bedroom - but wouldn't go in. Neither one of us slept very much out here. She was little miss cranky pants this morning... and so was I.
-------- I wrote that this morning and thought I posted it then but I must have never hit publish so I'll add to it now. --------
I went to Mineo's tonight. I stopped to get money on Beverly Road and as I was parking the car a couple passed me by - holding hands, talking and laughing... walking to one of the restaurants there I assume. I kind of sat there mesmerized... Then I drove to get the pizza and parked... as I walked past Uptown Coffee and Mt Lebanon Floral... one of the countless times that I've done that before, a young couple walked past walking their dog and an older couple came out of Sesame Inn - both holding hands. Never once did I not see us as either one of those two. I guess one day, maybe I'll find that again - what I thought I had. Maybe I won't. Either way, though, doesn't make me miss him any less. Funny as I'm typing this I'm watching Ricki Lake dance on Dancing With The Stars to the song Gravity. Just listen - it's the codependent's anthem beautifully presented by Sara Bareilles. I still remember this performance when they did it on SYTYCD. Click here for the video.

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