Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Did I talk about this before? This was when I first realized she was losing it... I went to Glo's house and saw this...
I asked her why it was turned around and she looked really confused and said she was dusting and must have moved it and thought something looked different. I asked her how long it's been like that and she said about a week.

I went over to fix her pills yesterday - she was clearly out of it... We went to the grocery store, picked up her prescriptions and went to lunch... we walked over and got back in the car and she went to get in the back seat. I asked her what she was doing and she said she wanted Cara to sit in front because the dog hair bothers her. I asked her where she thought Cara was and she said she must still be in the store. CARA WASN'T WITH US! I told her she was at work and then she said that's right - today isn't friday. So she remembered she was off (every other) friday but thought she was with us.

I guess that comes with age but this seems to be really bad lately. I know she thought she was taking me away from things I needed to do so she was in a hurry and that's when it's bad. She's definitely worse when she is frazzled or distracted. Aren't we all, though?!? I completely forgot about Aunt Joyce's birthday for almost a month! And yesterday - I left Glo in the car to run into the pet store. I didn't want to leave the keys in because I really thought she might just take off. (Yes, that was a little paranoid since she has never driven in 83 years.) I put the windows down for her and told her I would be right back. It would have taken me 20 minutes if she came in and I knew I could be in and out of there in 5. I came out of the store - went to the car and she was GONE. I looked at the windows and saw they were right where I left them open and then I looked in the back seat and got confused because I didn't know what was back there. I went to the back and looked at the license plate and realized it was the WRONG car. I was three rows over! I seriously thought she escaped and went in one of the stores looking for me!

This is NOT my car!!!!!
I know - pot calling the kettle black, I guess. I'm bitching about her and I'm just as bad some times.

I really don't know what to do. I'm not trusting her on a day to day basis either. She had this big bruise on her forehead a couple weeks ago... she told me she didn't know how it happened - thought she did it in her sleep ... she told MaryLou she ran into a cupboard. Last week we went to the eye doctor - she had two different drops to use in different eyes. She told me what she did - told the doctor the same thing... new in left eye / old in right eye. When we got back to the house the boxes were marked the reverse of what she said! She told me she knew she marked them wrong and just switched them every night. I don't think so!!!! So now we have to go back there because we just don't know.

There have been a bunch of things that are driving me crazy... The other day I stopped in to bring lunch and she was at the laundry room - she went over herself - which she's not supposed to do. I asked her why and she said she thought she could be there and back before I got there and I wouldn't have known. I guess she's right about that! ;-) And the other day she went to get her Halloween decorations out and couldn't find the box. She thinks she gave it away to Goodwill by mistake. I have thousands of dollars worth of pugs and pigs in her apartment!!!! I'm a little worried now. Between The Dad and her - this is starting to become a full time job. Just don't know what to do when I'm the only one around.

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