Thursday, October 20, 2011



I'll remember you when the pictures were on the wall... the parties we had and the Christmas dinners we hosted... the times we laughed and cried and ate around that table... I'll remember those paint colors and Dave and Matt installing the exhaust fan in the kitchen... the yard work and playing in the leaves with RoseBud.

I'll remember going for walks and coming home with sticks. The sidewalks and cobblestone street I loved so much...

"Stick Man" and "Three Dog" and all the other neighbors.

I'll remember TOM!!!!! The best mail man in the whole wide world who we had a triple hug with at the front door when he found out RoseBud died. "The mail's here!!!"
Thank you, Tom, for all the TREATS that were hand given or put through the mail slot every day!

The times we walked down the steps and said See you House... And The Coffee's on Twin, and Goodnight Bud.

The clouds on the ceilings. I loved those clouds!
...and the white mouldings everywhere and plantation shutters in the living room.

The tree I painted downstairs and the rocket and the Mickey on the shelf going down the steps!

The mantle at Christmas and Halloween and every day.

"When you wish upon a star..."

The TONKAS everywhere! ;-)

Christiana candles! ♥ And the mason jar luminaria we put out for parties and holidays.

My Halloween night birthday dinners and The Dad's crazy hats/wigs.

The many visitors that would come to say hello...


The pitter patter of puppy dog paws!


Our party menus and cooking time charts that were written on all the chalkboards in the kitchen.

The Disney trees...

...and Snowman trees...

...and Pug trees and ALL the others!

Over 2!

Beautiful flowers in the junk that was worth more to me than anything new!

This photo of David's shoes with hens and chicks will always remind me of Dixon House!

It's a good thing I don't have all my photos here or I'd be here well into tomorrow and the next day adding everything I could think of. This was a well documented house and life spent there. Thank you Dixon House for everything... for welcoming those that walked through your round door and, in good times and bad, for being our home.
Out of everything... what I will remember most about our time spent there with you - is us.

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