Sunday, October 23, 2011



Lily and I got new bedding.
It's just the right amount of Boho Chic for both of us. It unexpectedly goes beautifully with Lily's favorite blanket too.

I've been trying to hold off from buying anything until HomeGoods opened here but I caved and found the bedding at Marshall's in Monroeville last week...a few days later I found this bench in the Waterworks.
It actually is a set and there is a little one inside and the big one - holds FILES! I bought it for the Bud to get on the bench - not realizing it was almost the same height. She's doing ok with it so far - still a little hesitant but I think this may work. She's kind of disregarding the wooden bench all together and going from the turquoise bench straight to the bed... we'll see. The best part of the whole thing was the price. I had to get it no matter what.

Then I had to get this rug (actually a bath mat) because it matched the bench...
...and come on - flowers and (what I think are) paw prints!!! My two favorite doodles! Of course, it cost more than the bench but if that doesn't scream ME I don't know what does!

Housewares are like crack to me. I talked about that awhile ago. Seriously, I know it's a bit of an addiction. I (usually!) only buy what I love, love, love. I just love so much. ;-) That's a good enough excuse, right? I had to get this pig sink stopper because it matches all the other pig stuff I have boxed up somewhere.
I did NOT buy the pig microwave bacon cooker because I knew I would never use it - so give me some credit. ;-)

I buy things as I see them for gifts and Christmas. I have a bunch of stuff in a bin somewhere in storage to prove that fact. I already helped Santa with all of my stocking stuffers. I think he appreciates the help... It's never too early for Christmas in my house - especially if snow people are involved. Lily bought me a snowlady as an early Birthday present. It looked like a cupcake to me with the tulle under her skirt... and she has a cute little scarf on and she's holding a STAR. Yes, another totally ME thing! Couldn't pass her up - well Lily couldn't pass her up. ;-) She's coming in a close second to my other favorite snowlady I got several years ago - "cute sweater, leopard skirt and rosebud snowlady" pictured with her here. She is still #1. ;-)

So, anyway... after all that - on to today... HomeGoods opened in Robinson! There was a line to get in!
A big one, actually! It was crazy... they were only letting so many people in at a time. There were no carts left... we had to use baskets until I finally waited at the front for people to leave and I took an old man's cart that just couldn't handle the store - he told me to try to find a horn somewhere and attach it to the cart because it was impossible to get around with it! It was a little tricky! There were people everywhere.
The line to checkout was wrapped to the back of the store but suprisingly moved along pretty well.
I bought some gifts and some stuff for the Lil Bud. These are for me and my faves of the day.
I saw some of them a few weeks ago at Marshall's and TJ Maxx... they are one of the biggest things that remind me of my childhood Christmases. I always remember the little paper houses like that under the tree which were my Grandmother's - probably from the late 1940s early 1950s... I have them somewhere here... these are the current day version. They light up too. Love them.

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