Tuesday, October 11, 2011


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY (random stuff)

1. Word.

2. "I'm with the band."

3. I read this book a few years ago... highly recommend it.

4. LOVE this - I am on a hunt for an old guitar to mosaic!

5. I couldn't believe the size differences at Pugtoberfest the other day.... some one year old pugs were gigantic (bigger than RoseBud) and there were 7 year olds that were teeny tiny. I remember when Lily was soooo little. Here's one of her meeting Atia for the first time. I loved that little dress on her. I don't think she was more than 4 lbs here!

6. I went to weather.com the other day to check the weather and saw a simple black band running across the top of the screen with 1955-2011 on it... nothing else. It led to a link with a really nice tribute to Steve Jobs. You can read it here.

7. I'm loving the new clean re-design on Pinterest.

8. I went to pick up Aunt Gloria the other day and she had a giant black and blue mark on her forehead... she said she didn't know how it happened. Another day she called me at 7 am and said she was sorry she was taking her pills so late - she thought it was night time. Today, MaryLou had to call me because they were driving around - they were taking her to an appointment and Glo forgot where her eye doctor was... I think it's going to turn into crazy town here between her and The Dad... well, crazier town.

9. Handle with care...

10. Lovely linguistics...

11. One extra tonight... isn't she just the cutest thing?!? Even with her little pink allergy face! Love the Bud.

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