Tuesday, October 25, 2011


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY (really - it's Tuesday again already?)

1. Today would have been my parent's 42nd anniversary.

2. Ain't that the truth?

3. Sophia Grace was on Ellen... watch the video here. And here's the clip when they meet Nicki. Too, too cute!

4. Do you know anyone that goes around and kisses the walls of the rooms in their house and thanks them one by one? No? Now you do.

5. Nice costume for little guidettes. SMH.

6. Poor Lily looks like she is in doggy fight club...She had to go to see the Dr today. Here she is doing one of a hundred nervous spins...
She has been scratching her face up from her allergies and peeing a lot. $234.94 later I was informed she has a hooded vulva. Hence the UTI's. So now we are on Antibiotics, Steroids, Eye drops, Ear drops, Ear Cleaner, and a $39.00 bag of food. This poor little pupperoni! And poor me! I had to make a med chart for her so I know what to do.

7. I almost got a tattoo when we were in Vegas last year for my birthday... I knew what I wanted - just couldn't figure out where I wanted it. I've been thinking about it since then and still can't figure out where! Not sure if I should go for it this year... This is both fascinating and disturbing... and NOT what I was planning on getting BTW. ;-)

8. The nice thing about people that walk their dogs around the neighborhood is that they are out all times of the day - morning, noon and night... every day of the week.

9. This video is another cute one. The end is totally Lily.

10. Goodnight.

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