Saturday, October 22, 2011


We went to Nemacolin Castle for a ghost tour...
We were in the parking lot and THRILLER came on so we knew it was going to be a good night. ;-)

There was a large group ahead of us so we had to go back... On our way out Chrissy asked us if we thought a ghost did this...
Unless it was the ghost of the Incredible Hulk I think the answer is NO.

We had a thrilling ride through the mostly boarded up town of Brownsville - think The Hills Have Eyes or House of Wax - We were trying to find the one restaurant near there... we found it and it looked ok but were afraid we were going to get abducted and killed so we moved on. BTW - We think these people come to life and then go back into the walls.

As does this giant book welcoming the town's prey.

We ventured out to Cal U to try to find a restaurant... let's just say - don't go there.

Thanks to Urban Spoon, we finally ended up driving to Belle Vernon to the Speers Street Grill - that's been a good app. lately.

Then we were back to the castle.

The home of the Bowman's

An older woman in full period garb led us in... Katherine, Michael and I got a total "mum" vibe. That was kind of nice. Then we were off on the candlelit tour. I'm thinking this remote isn't original to the house. ;-)

We went upstairs and stopped just outside the first room - we were in a (I think she said) 70 foot long hallway... We were standing beside some dresses and outfits... there was a "do not touch" sign on them which really made me want to touch them. I was freezing. Like seriously freezing. Everyone else was hot. That was the biggest thing I "felt" on the tour. I wondered if someone was mad that I was thinking about touching their clothes. Anyway, we were led into the room we were standing outside of... it was the nursery.

Through that room was a bedroom... Katherine came over to me and said she had a dream about the exact room and whispered to me she felt really cold...
I was really hot but felt cold seconds later... just as that happened the tour guide said people were known to feel cold and it usually traveled around the room. That was a little strange.

Katherine and I both felt uneasy in the room that was used for visiting clergy. It was big and just felt strange. I can't remember if it was someone that worked there or someone on a tour but the tour guide said that this person looked in the mirror and in it - everyone around her - had halos over their head and she didn't. OK - I got chills typing that.

We went into a hall that had two rooms on either side - one was a dining room I think and the other a parlor of some sort where one of the family men was known to be a jokester. We were standing in the hall and katherine started brushing at her leg... people have been known to say that a ghost dog is in there and tugs at pant legs. A housekeeper would come there with her dog and the dog would never enter.

It was a decent tour... even Ted - who said before we left that "the ghosts can kiss his ass" came out wondering about a few things. ;-) At the end there was a paranormal investigator there who showed some photos and played some audio that was recorded there. He asked if anyone saw anything on film... I showed him some orbs on a couple pictures...
and he said that most are dust (as expected) unless other things are felt or heard at the time... then I showed him this.
Which was significant enough for them to want to look into - so I have to send it to one of the guys at the PA Paranormal Research Group... he couldn't come up with any reason to explain it so he wanted to take a better look.

When we left, our friend "the porch dude" asked if we saw anything... he looked through all my pictures and said I missed the most important one... I kind of knew what he was hinting at and he said if I wanted to take a picture I could... no choice but to play along so here it is:
Porch Dude himself.

I was kind of hoping there would be some residual energy behind us - a la Haunted Mansion.
Nothing appeared. Oh - just to be safe... if anyone came home with me - please go back to the castle. See you when we visit for Christmas. ;-)

Besides the cold feelings and pressure in the visiting clergy room I didn't really experience that much... I came home and downloaded the pictures and have to admit I'm a little freaked out over one of the last ones I took. Michael wanted to take a walk around the building before we left and I basically was just holding my camera up and snapping - not really paying attention... I thought I would take some of the windows from outside... I looked at this one and it might be my eyes playing tricks on me because the more I look at it - it seems to be a little cartoonish... Anyway... bottom part of the window in the middle. Keep looking at it - you may have to click to enlarge it - Do you see anything?!?
I swear there is a woman's face there. (majority of the face is in the second row from the bottom - in the middle.)

As my mother would say, I just got a chill.

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