Friday, January 13, 2012


RICE DAY - Rest Ice Compression Elevate
I was really hoping for a major snowfall... I wanted to be locked in the house for a few days. I know I can still make that happen sans snow but I wanted a real "snow day." With hot chocolate and snow suits. ;-(

I had plans to paint all day. I wanted to finish up my lesson and get ready for the next one on monday... I've been doing everything but... I do a lot of moving things from one place to another... I throw a couple things away here and there and then sit and try to come up with a plan.... then I discard the plan and just move things again... Then I go through photo albums and old stuff... I felt like I was getting somewhere today, though... all I wanted was to make some room so I could work somewhere uninterrupted. Then tonight... DOWN GOES JEANNINE.

I hurt my leg yesterday somehow - my calf has been bothering me overnight... I didn't really think anything of it, though. A few hours ago I was in the game room and came upstairs to bring some things to my room. I passed by The Dad and The Bud who were sound asleep on the couch. They didn't even hear me go by. I sat to check my email and a few minutes later I heard barking - it sounded far away... Here, the little pup must have gone downstairs (probably needing to pee) and couldn't find me. I could tell it was urgent so I went running down the steps and I felt something and swear I heard something POP. I felt like Nancy Kerrigan. ;-) I hopped to get her outside and by the time we came back in I could barely get up the steps. I don't know what to do... he doesn't seem too willing to take me to the ER and someone needs to be here for the bud so I think I have to wait it out until morning...

So now my snow day turned into a rice night.

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