Thursday, January 12, 2012


I hate that phrase. So overused. So cliche. It's 1:30 am, though, and I have bath tubs on my mind and I just don't feel like thinking of a different title. ;-)

This has been a hell of a week... I'm kind of looking forward to Friday the 13th! I hope we get a "snowicane" like Alaska which I didn't even know about until today because I haven't had the tv or news on at all. I'm ready to hibernate.

It has been one thing after the next. The Lily Bud is one sick little pup...poor thing has been peeing in the house - even with constant potty breaks morning, noon and night. Hopefully these antibiotics will kick in soon. She wants to be held constantly the last couple days too. I'm not sure if she thinks she's a baby or thinks I'm a mama dog. It's like Mary had a little lamb... I'm ready to put her in a baby sling so I can multi-task a little better. She's doing ok with her eye drops though yesterday she went downstairs and walked straight into the laundry bushel. And she never seems to place where I am when I talk to her... I don't know how to explain it. Next stop veterinary ophthalmologist!

I had every intention for this to be my motto this year.
It was going to be the year of me - fuck everyone else. That didn't last very long. ;-) Actual, real life got in the way. Don't get me wrong... I do a good job of my version of SAP (study avoidance procedure) - replace study with anything you want... but I'm the one picking up the pieces of the aftermath that's created by everyone... So to make my life a little easier I have little choice but to intervene when necessary. It must be my controlling bitch instinct. I really thought I was doing well delegating some Glo stuff to a couple of her friends... there I was though, today, while sitting at lunch after an appointment for her, questioning her on how she thought it was remotely reasonable to write a check and pay Comcast $702.92 for her January bill. Long story!

Anyway, I think we are calling this day officially over... now that we are well into the next one. Snow started and the pup went potty...
Sleep tight.

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