Tuesday, January 31, 2012


TOT (Ten on Tuesday) randomness

1. The CC Live at Town Hall album has taken over my cast recording of Rent for first place in most played. I can listen to the last 4 minutes of Round Here/Raining over and over for the rest of my life - especially while painting. Nothing like the loveliness of angst filled Duritz to inspire you. You can watch the video here.

2. I just had to scoop Lily up 2 seconds after going outside because the (a) bunny was back in the yard. She didn't see her at first. I kept screaming "find your way out bunny" and the poor thing was getting nervous... took about five minutes for it to finally get out under the fence and it went out to the front yard... now I'm a nervous wreck and hope it didn't run out and get hit by a car.... I think it's a back woods bunny. Plus, now I look like Edward Scissorhand was hugging me all night from the little pupperoni's claws! All she wanted to do was get down and play with it but I'm not taking any chances.

3. I had a big blowout the other night with The Dad.
We were cooking and he would not acknowledge me at all... never responded to anything I said. I freaked and told him to just tell me if he wanted me out of here. All I got was a bunch of head shaking and grunts. He's been starting conversation the last couple days which is unusual and asked me tonight if I wanted to watch Glee. See #4.

4. I'm not the Gleek like I thought I would be and have no idea what the back story is about these kids... tonight was the MJ episode... he was asking all kinds of questions about it to strike up conversation. Now, after the whole blowout about not talking to me, I just wanted him to shut up. ;-) I think I posted this on here a long time ago... the 2 CELLOS Smooth Criminal - seriously awesome (you know I don't use this word lightly.) Have you seen their Welcome to the Jungle?

5. Looks like I need a job where I can wear jeans and vintage dresses every day.

6. I just heard wind chimes and it made me sad. I miss my house and everything in it. Still.

7. Great art journal idea from ape on the moon: Ink fingers... blow up on photocopier... trace lines over fingerprint with "you" phrases and words. Would make a good canvas too. How cute would that be with a whole family? Ohhhhh - I just thought of this - I may do this with Bud's paw print and write all the things from her journal... I have to ink Lily's if she'll let me!

8. Do you remember the game mousetrap? I loved that game. I went down to get mine which is still in the game cupboard but there are too many bins in front of it! Click here for some behind the scenes footage and a really great video from OK Go. That's awesome too.

9. I surrender. Not like this, though. I'll be in touch - soon. (I like to talk to myself even if no one is listening.)

10. Lily pulled a bunch of toys out of her toy box just to get to one of her first baby toys - her little "bottle." She loves that thing. Isn't she just the cutest?!? ;-)
I just looked at the clock and it's (of course) 12:16 am. We're going to get to bed and listen to the rain. Goodnight.

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