Wednesday, January 4, 2012


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY on Wednesday
(because I didn't feel like it yesterday.)

1. We had a long debate about this one day in the Strip when an asian friend of ours that sells glass jewelry was rocking the fingerless gloves at his booth.

I, for one, am a fan of them! I seem to be outnumbered by those that feel they are incredibly stupid. They are great when you need to control a leash and spectacular when you take pictures constantly and have to fuss with the camera. I will add this to my list of things I admire greatly - along with the battery operated candle and such.

2. The DeLuca's were killing them in New Year's Day Wii Bowling.... Lily seemed a little confused, though, at why everyone was throwing invisible toys.

3. I found these cute little bobble heads in Walgreens. It looks like they are saying hello... or goodbye.

4. I'm not a big texter so I don't even know if you are charged per character or whatever so I guess that's how that started but I really don't like when people send an email primarily in "text" speak. How hard is it to write the whole word out?

5. Maybe I just like words too much... I will admit I have an OCD thing with words that is very strange and somewhat annoying even to me - at times. If I misspell a word while typing - I don't just "fix" it - I have to delete the entire thing so that all the letters stay together. Kind of like my cheerio thing - they must be thrown away in pairs. They can not go alone. I've been trying to work on it. I'm glad I came out of the closet with that!

5. Speaking of... The next time Chrissy and I check into a hotel together we are going to get t-shirts made with this image and wear them to the front desk - just to avoid any confusion. Two double beds please. ;-)

6. I have to get this for my Dad... every time he sneezes he says he "smells pepper."

7. A FB friend of mine sent a request for me to join her at her place of work... I accepted but didn't really know what it meant. It somehow put on my timeline that I am an artist. If I want to be serious about this than I guess I am. Hello, People... I'm an artist. Thanks, Deborah. ;-)

8. Who do you think you are?

9. How cute is this?
The Little Bud seemed like she was mad at me today... she was moping around and wouldn't eat. I don't know what's wrong with her. She seemed kind of sad. For a brief second I thought about getting her a puppy.

10. I'll end this with a little prayer for me. God help me!

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