Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Glo had to go to the doctor today... I went in her apartment to pick her up and as we were leaving I noticed this on the door.
Yes, that's a paper napkin taped on the peephole. I asked her why she did that and she said a"beam of light" comes through there at night and it annoys her and when she goes to look out the "guy" is standing there. She didn't want him to look in. I'm assuming it's the same guy that looks in her bedroom window.

We went to the appointment and to lunch and she was fine... when we were checking out at Giant Eagle I had a few things behind hers and she made a big fuss that she wanted to pay for them... I kept telling her no and the check out girl (who was an older lady) said - "when your grandma says she wants to pay for your things - let her!!!" We joked around while they were packing the bags and left. We got in the car and she said "I can't believe she thought YOU were MY grandma!"

I tried to tell her what was really said and she just wasn't getting it. I finally just said to her - "I know - that was pretty funny." ;-)

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