Thursday, January 19, 2012



I am about 5 minutes away from opening up a bottle of wine and taking 7 Vicodin! I'm waiting for my doctor to call back - yeah, still can't walk... Been cleaning doggy throw up all morning - not sure what's going on there.... And may quite possibly be in the kitchen all day cleaning before he gets home to make another mess making meatballs all night! Oh, and I'm making coffee, sugar cookies and beef stroganoff at the moment too. It's not easy being a girl! So while The Bud is sleeping in the computer room by herself - yes, weird - and not attached to my hip, thought I would do this post now.

I am in no way a Ryan Gosling fan. I may be in the minority on this one. I just don't get it with him. ;-) I've always been fond of boys that were in touch with their feminine side, though, and these "Hey Girl..." posts are pretty damn funny.
There are several RG Tumblrs showcasing him in deep thought pretty much mocking his sensitive, romantic movies - "F*uck Yeah Ryan Gosling" was the first with random pick up lines and the "Feminist Ryan Gosling" is pretty popular with quotes from feminist literature... there's one on disneyland cats, a typography one... and a few more. In my opinion, though, the best one is... "Handmade Ryan Gosling."
I started a board on Pinterest of my favorite "handmade" ones. Funny stuff.

Click here for more photos. Enjoy! ;-)

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