Friday, January 20, 2012



Not Walt Whitman - Fame.

I have been thinking of that every time I've been working on my lesson "I celebrate my Goddess Superpowers." "I sing the body electric - I celebrate the me yet to come..." Just because of that celebrate word. ;-) Now Walt Whitman is reminding me of Dead Poets Society which was on tv the other night... See - this is why it takes me awhile to get anywhere with anything - my mind wanders...

Anyway, I finished my lesson from week 1- now that we are almost to week 4! It was difficult for a lot of people to come up with their qualities - some didn't feel like they were worthy enough or good enough to come up with anything positive about themselves. "I'm not kind ALL the time so I can't put that as one of my qualities/ powers." I probably went to the opposite extreme. I ran with Ani's 31 flavors and came up with 41 (since that's my age) superpowers. I may not be all of the things all of the time... I am all these things some of the time, though, so I liked that interpretation. Less judgement.

It was the first 3/4 face I've done.
She reminded me of Cher in my sketch. ;-)

I got lazy because I couldn't walk down the steps to get my supplies so I just used what I had upstairs... my colors aren't what I envisioned and all my features are gigantic. I'm going to take Sally Jean's advice from my soldering class - to learn to love and embrace your mistakes or start over - I may come back to it later... I have to find some crystals for her crown.

Just because I want everyone to have this song in their head... watch this. ;-)
Fame (1980)

"...and in time - and in time - we will all be stars..."

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