Monday, January 2, 2012


HELLO MONDAY (link up)

Hello 2012... Happy New Year!
I'm entering this year with anticipation and excitement and dread and sadness of what it has in store for me.

Hello to finally sleeping in today and (hopefully) going to bed early... unfortunately I'm starting this year off sick! ;-(

Hello snow! Where have you been all Christmas?

Hello to starting Life Book 2012 - a great new mixed media art class I'm taking... we are starting this year off by celebrating our inner Goddess Superpowers.

Hello to my ONE WORD for this year. It's the same as last... truth. Truth seeking, Truth telling and living truthfully.

Hello to the start of getting organized. Let's hope it lasts!

Hello again to my favorite "New Year's Day" quote.

What are you saying hello to today?

(Go over to Lisa's Blog and link up in the comments section - and check out her great flashlight photos while you're there!)

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