Monday, January 23, 2012



Figuratively, that is.

I found a restaurant for sale in Calder Way! Yes, Calder Way!!! The Bud would love State College. ;-) I showed The Dad a few days ago and he was really into it... I think it's actually gone already. Not surprised at $70,000... it was the Greek pizza place near my favorite garden store.

I keep thinking we can go to The Villages and they can open up an Italian store or little diner and I can open a junk store and coffee place or find a job there easier than here... and The Bud wouldn't have to struggle to pee in the snow!
(Though she wouldn't have to struggle IF she went where I shoveled!!!) Would she be able to breathe in Florida, though?!? I can get rid of the car and get a golf cart with a Godfather horn. ;-) IDK. Me and a bunch of 70 year olds??? I know they are totally my peeps but eventually (who knows when) it's just going to be me (and The Bud) there. Do I really want to do that? Be pretty much all alone? And what about Glo? It's hard for me to just pick up and leave.

The Dad was talking about moving to Deep Creek and opening a restaurant... Every time I took The Bud out to go potty there I would look at the house across the street.
It was a private home - not a rental... we need something like that. He would be on one floor and both cars can go in the main house and The Bud and I could have the extra garage - live upstairs and have my studio or party kitchen downstairs...

We need more room and another bathroom. It's very difficult with the car situation here. It's hard to clean the snow off (not being flat) - I block the garage if I'm not on the hill... I always feel like someone is going to hit it. We need somewhere flat with more space for the cars and the people and the stuff and the dog toys and the big giant sauce pots! Not that we have to do this move to deep creek or the villages or state college... just where? - and how? - and when?

It's all kind of interesting and exciting at times.

And at times - it's all so friggin stupid.

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