Tuesday, September 4, 2012


TOT - TEN ON  TUESDAY (random thoughts)

1. Did you hear about the flash flood last week in one of my favorite towns... Berkeley Springs, WV? I wonder if RoseBud's collar tags washed up somewhere!?!

2. Who knew the Hulk was a pug lover!?! I don't know what's cuter - Lou Ferrigno and one of his little pugs or his cute little silver tea service.

3. It's been a secret wish of mine to park in the handicapped spots going the other way at sam's/walmart. I can now check that off my life list! Thanks, Glo.

4. Why hello mr pig... hello to you mrs pig...

5. More pigs... I know.  I have a lot of pigs.

6. I found this in one of Glo's closets...Uncle Norman brought it back from a trip to Houston to see the Steelers.

7. This stop off at The Dad's pre/post treatment is not proving to be easy... It's frustrating because I just want to cuddle up with the bud. Poor thing is tearing up her face...The Dad is telling me she's not doing anything while he is there but every time I go over in the morning she is bleeding so she must be doing it when she gets up... look at her poor little face. ;-(

8. Babe watched Glo this morning when I went to radiation... she went with her to Babe's dr appt and then they went on a mission for heavy cream for a sweet potato pie... the ramp is blocked to the waterworks so they ended up at the mills and went to wal-mart... they couldn't wait to tell me about their morning... they were making fun of this young boy working there that had no idea what heavy cream was... they did like the boy that helped them pick out sweatpants. For the record - I have no idea WHY they had a boy help them pick out sweatpants - all I know is they were astonished that they were only $5.00... I had to take a pic... Glo's are the Coke ones and Babe got the "peace rocks" bunny.   Were they in the children's department?!?!?  Seriously, WTF? ;-)

9.  I asked Glo what she wanted for dinner... she said it was too late to cook (the nurse was here for two hours) and all she wanted was an ice cream cone anyway.  So we went to Glen's for custard - for dinner.

On the way back she remembered she wanted a pecan ball from Breuster's - she saw the sign last week - I'll give you three guesses what we had for dessert???  She was so happy and said I would have been a good mom... I guess because I fed her junk food for dinner... that didn't really make me feel better plus I don't even like ice cream! It was fun though.

10. Today was my 20th treatment! I have 16 more to go. I think it's hitting me now... I am extremely tired - like can't keep my eyes open tired - yet I think in the last two weeks I might have slept 24 hours - total! I am really red/burnt under my arm - they said the first layer of skin peeled off.  My boob hurts and it's hard to have a bra on or a shirt... I wish I could just walk around the house topless and all I want to do is take a nap!  I don't know about this statement but I would like to prove it wrong. ;-)

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