Thursday, September 20, 2012



Little Miss Lily Bud is 4 today!

Lily doesn't really have a thing she likes to RoseBud and her meatballs! She told me to make whatever I wanted so I made pork chops and applesauce - of course.  ;-)  I felt guilty for taking over her birthday dinner so I made her a hot dog which she tried to eat in one giant gulp!  Oops.

She also didn't have a preference on her cake... so she got an Almond Torte. I know... shocker.

I remembered she had some pet cake mix left so we whipped up a batch...

I also made a beef ball for us - in the shape of a paw print.

It's very hard to buy presents for the dog who has everything so she only got a few... there's one more coming but it's a surprise.  
Glo has been going through all her bears and pulled this out for her.  It was the toy she bought for RoseBud on our first OBX trip.  She said she wanted Lily to have it. She played with it all night.
Sorry there is so much chaos in your life, little pup... hope you had a fun day!

Love The Bud.

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