Sunday, September 23, 2012


I've  used that post title in one way or another a few times here. I've always wanted it to be my motto.   I can't say I succeeded with it in all aspects but - you know. Something to aspire to, at least.  I was going to say I hate the fall (RENT reference) yesterday but I didn't - I really don't... that much. ;-) This weather makes me want to go to Rolliers and see the new decorations and clean up the yard and go buy 200 pumpkins...  Then I realize where I am.

My old neighborhood did have character... Lily and I drove around the other day when we went to The Manns. How many times we (and RB) walked those streets and said hello to all our flower and tree friends!  We said hello to our favorite house and that little tree behind the lamppost that is big now and that lovely mess 3 or 4 streets over...
Our second favorite "welcome" and all those fab trees on morrison and the reason why I have begonias and dusty miller everywhere...
My favorite things to plant in are old shoes...
... and old Tonka trucks.
Anything that is a little unexpected... like an old sink or baby carriage.
I love rusty tin things...

...the rustier the better!

I like interesting pots and pot headed people...

These are all from Dixon House... it looks a little different now. ;-(

I admit, I can't seem to get in the swing of things at The Dad's... It's not quite the disaster of DH but it isn't what it could be. I think I watered the flowers a few times and most of them died... There's a bunch of stuff in the back somewhere but it all kind of got a little lost.

Aunt Joyce and I threw some mulch around today... literally. ;-)

It looks a little better.

I have to be honest, though, it just doesn't feel like home.

Happy Fall.

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