Monday, September 17, 2012


I feel like I'm in crazy land... crazy. head spinning. wandering all over the place. crazy land.

I was able to take a nap yesterday which was quite exciting!  I got in Glo's bed - the first time I was in a bed in 25 days!  That's hard to believe.  For three weeks+ of my treatment I was on the couch...  I think I'm doing quite well, considering what's going on, even though just last night I started to peel really bad and am in a pretty good amount of pain... it's just not how I envisioned this going down.  I'm not complaining about being here - I'm glad I can be - it's just not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  

Things are getting worse with the Glo worm. She is even more forgetful.  Just a little bit ago she went to wash the dishes with Lysol floor cleaner... I tried to explain it was the wrong product... she said it was blue so it didn't matter.  She told me she only had an $80 dollar bill in her purse - it was a $20 bill.  Her eyes aren't that great so I guess that's a legitimate mistake - more so if there actually was an $80 bill!  All she does is fuss with her purse or newspapers or wander from room to room. Last night I heard noise in her bedroom - drawers opening and closing... I went in and she was fully dressed -sweater and shoes on... I asked her what she was doing - she said she thought I told her we were leaving early for Betty's this morning.  I said we were but it's 11:15 pm.  She has no idea what time it is - day or night... 9 times out of 10 she thinks she is at my house... when she does the dishes she has no idea where they go... she keeps saying things like "when I was still at my house..." I keep telling her she is at her house but she doesn't seem to get it. 

This is all so very exhausting.

To make matters worse... little miss puglet had to go visit the doctor today! ;-(  Meds for the puppy dog now.  I don't like being away from her when she's taking anything so that's freaking me out. 

I  really wish I could teach her how to skype so I could check in on her.

I miss the Lil Bud.

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