Friday, September 14, 2012


I love a storm... The trees are swaying in the wind and it's just starting to thunder. I wish I could cuddle up with the Lily Bud. ;-(   Glo is sound asleep from our big day out... I brought the girls - Glo and her Nanny Betty - to the hospital with me.  Of course, they were running late with the treatments so there was a bit of a delay... they didn't seem to mind - they were right where I left them..

We went to lunch... took care of Lily... stopped at Betty's sister's house and got Betty a recliner and some drapes which was our reason for going out today.  Both of them were pooped when we got back.

Since I've documented everything else - I have to mark this day... my last "full breast" treatment!!! I think I have more boob pictures on my laptop than a 14 year old boy.  Last count - 298.... from biopsies to incisions to bandages to sharpie marks all over me.  I really would like to post some of the more explicit ones but not sure if it's appropriate.  I guess I should keep some things to my self. ;-)  Anyway, 8 more boosts - just at the incision site and this part is finished and on to the next. Besides my nipple sometimes feeling like it's going to fall off and being a little pink, I think I've done pretty good so far.

Yay me! Turns out my boobs and I are quite magical. ;-)

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