Wednesday, September 26, 2012


In 7 weeks - I never had trouble getting a parking space... until today!  I was running late and had to park in the overflow lot...
A couple months ago, right before I started, I actually switched doctors and hospitals so I could be closer to The Dad's - I never thought I would be driving the Turnpike the majority of the time... So much for planning ahead.
I did plan ahead with this, though.  One day - the first week, I think - I saw this Jim Shore star in the hospital gift shop and bought it as a gift to myself for today - the last day of radiation... It was 50% off so I knew I had to grab it when I saw it. I'm a sucker for a good star.
I'll miss this tile in the bathroom and the soap smell that made me think of Disney World for some reason.
And these steps that got harder and harder to go up as the weeks went on...
We used to play a game when I would get positioned on the table every day... you could smell whatever they were cooking for lunch... The tech girls and I would guess what was going to be on the menu.
One last time hearing "what's your birthday?" and going in to the BEAM ON room...
The girls at the front desk said they just started printing these - I was the first one they gave it too... they were joking saying that the breast people have to come as many days as they do - it's like going to work. They wanted to acknowledge it in some way so it turns out I ended up getting a star today anyway. ;-)  I stopped for a wild cherry mocha to celebrate.  What is it about hospital coffee shops that make me happy??? 
I got my discharge papers and instructions for the coming weeks... side effects are cumulative so I still have to put the lotion on three times a day for the next three weeks.  I'm kind of getting sick of my own boobs! ;-)  I was happy to take all my stickers off, though - so yay!  No more sharpie!
Thanks velcro shirt for coming along on the ride. ;-)
Not sure if I was supposed to keep you but I did!

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