Thursday, September 13, 2012


I know I'm going to be all over the place with this post... welcome to my head and my day.

I stopped at the rest stop this morning thinking Starbucks might have their smore mocha... now I'm thinking that may be a B&N thing... anyway - salted caramel mocha was delish... got some brochures (of course) and I was on my way. I heart rest stops.

Running late at my appointment - like an hour late... computer problems which are always encouraging especially when I'm still a little hesitant thinking I'm going to spark something on the table after my experience in the car earlier in the week.  Cara asked me the other day what kind of radiation I was getting... thinking I may go all HULK soon.  ;-)

Dick's Diner for lunch because it's Thursday. They have Minnesota Wild Rice soup on Thursday. We heart Dick's on Thursdays.  You know what I mean.

Next stop - The Dad's to check on Lily... immediate phone call to the vet. Let's just say my poor puppy's face is a mess. I need to get this scratching under control. Upcoming appointment for that.

Get back to Glo's... she and Betty are waiting for the bath lady to show up - which is usually a couple hours after she says!  My cell phone rings as I'm walking in the door and it's the nurse calling to go over his assessment from the other night...

About three minutes into my conversation with him... the house phone rings - it's Babe upstairs calling for me... Betty tells her I'm on the phone and about one minute later, surprisingly, the bath lady comes in with a box (from Babe) for me... everything happens all at the same time... It's like they can sense I'm back in the area. Anyway, the box has a very expensive watch in it - for being so kind to her.  Really not necessary, Babe. Thank You.

Cara called and invited us to dinner... so I loaded the Glo-worm in the car as well as my piggies which are now going to live with her for the time being and we went over for Sloppy Carls which were just as delish as the mocha this morning.

So was this.  Hello Gorgeous.

That's my day - full circle... one bite at a time.

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