Monday, September 10, 2012


It's no secret that I love road signs... food, phone, fuel, lodging from back in the day being one of my favorites.  The new ones just aren't the same.  Nonetheless, I see this almost every day and took a picture this morning.

Turns out seconds later my phone goes dead, I get this tingling sensation in my hand and my service engine light comes on in the car!  I don't know which came first or if it was all at the same time but that's what happened.  I pulled into the rest stop and didn't know what to do.  The phone wouldn't come on at all... I wasn't sure if I should turn the car off because I was afraid it wouldn't come back on and I needed to get to my appointment.  I just continued on my way.

I got to the hospital and my hand was still tingling - it still is now, actually.  I asked to talk to the nurse and she came out and I explained. I told her I didn't want to burst into flames on the table or break their big fancy machine so I thought she should know. She brought me back to take my vitals.... everything was ok... she said if it was my left side they would have sent me to the ER.  BP was 143/97 pulse 93 (yay, lower!) but I was still feeling shocks in my hand.

She did a reset on my phone... which I tried to do two or three times in the car and nothing would happen.  She did it and after awhile the screen came back on... I swear to RoseBud this is what I saw.

1026 - What. The. Fuck.

I thought that little white spot on the road sign photo was something on my windshield but it's not in any other pictures... maybe I ran over a spirit or crossed through some energy field???  ;-)

I'm hoping I'll have some super powers by the end of the day.

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