Wednesday, September 19, 2012


TOT- TEN ON TUESDAY - randomness... a day later

1. I was too tired to finish my TOT last night and wanted to snuggle with the puppy dog... I didn't want her starting her pills without me so I loaded the Glo-worm in the car and a few bags and off we went. It's hard being away from your sick baby!  I took a picture of Lily on the vet's table ... it bothered me. I'm not even going to post it. That last picture of RoseBud alive at the vet's after the hike still gets to me and it reminded me of that. I can look at these (after she was gone) but the ones alive.. not so much.

2. These boosts are kicking my ass... or boob, I should say.  I am way more tired than ever. Met with the doctor yesterday and he said I may have to stop for awhile because my skin is breaking down. I talked to the tech to see if they've seen anything worse and she said yes so I said to continue... I only have 5 more. Keep your fingers crossed I can finish all of this as scheduled.

3. Very sad we couldn't make it to Columbus this weekend for the Country Living Festival and for these pretzels from Schmidt's. ;-(  There was no way I could have just taken off and left everything go here. Would have been nice - just couldn't happen.

4. I was upstairs with Babe the other day... she was telling me about her younger life. She told me she had a secret - which was her being older than she actually was.  She told me her real age and then made me promise I wouldn't tell Glo or Betty. ;-)  I promised. She said she wished that when she was younger she could have gotten dressed in nice suits and had perfectly fixed hair - and an attache case! I asked her what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to be in the FBI - she wanted to be an investigator... It was the cutest conversation.  I believe this quote to be true for the most part but not entirely... as Babe pointed out - sometimes it IS too late. 
5. Everyone has a folder of menus in their car, right?

6. I love when "Suri" says this.
7. Have you seen those Go Veg commercials? If you have you will know what I'm talking about... There's a lot to consider on that issue and I'm all for doing whatever you are comfortable with... meat, no meat, whatever. I do think those commercials are too graphic... next we'll start boycotting unicorn meat and everyone will be low on their sparkle intake.
8.  I wondered who The Lily Bud would sleep with last night.  She chose me.  ;-)  That's my girl.

9.  There are officially less than 100 days until Christmas! We were in Kohl's over the weekend and I looked it up on my phone and wrote it on this cute little snowman.  There are 96 days now!  Christmas Clock here.
10.  Much like the elephant... looks like the Lily Bud never forgets. We were headed to the Vets and she woke up for a second from her car slumber as we turned on Dixon.  Click here for video.  My thoughts exactly, Bud.  In continuing with my "favorite posts" - probably a good addition here...  DEAR, DIXON HOUSE.

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