Sunday, September 16, 2012


I know someone that is!  I went upstairs to help Babe with her vacuum cleaner and came down (45 minutes later, mind you) and Glo had gotten her place ready for the game... She moved the dining room chair in front of the tv... Polamalu doll in position, blanket folded on the bed...

Towel on the tv stand... jersey on.

I'm definitely not a jersey wearing girl. Call me crazy but it weirds me out when I see people in them...  The over 80 crowd gets a free pass on it, though. And babies.  And dogs. :-)   I prefer accessories and really fun appetizers and dips!  Here's a cute one for your next game - pinned by Janel.  Click here for recipe. Adorbs.

Also, quite adorable... baby Lily PUGamalu. ;-)

Seriously, Lily Bud, you were one cute puppy dog!

Go Steelers.

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