Friday, September 7, 2012



I once heard that people that tried to kill themselves by jumping off a bridge usually regretted their decision midair - at least that's what those that survived said.  I remember many, many years ago - I bet 30+ years ago - my Dad had to go into work and my mother and I (as we often did) went along for the ride. It was always a good excuse for me to not go to school the next day because she would say we were up too late - we'd somehow manage to get to Kaufmann's - just not to school.  ;-)  Anyway, I remember seeing a man standing on one of the bridges in town.  I can't remember which one but I remember all the flashing lights and could see him way up on the top.  We didn't see it but he later jumped to his death.

I often think of that guy when I'm on a bridge... I did today.

I guess I have to put a little disclaimer here... this is just an observation - not a cry for help -  so don't worry, people. I was on my way back to Glo's and just thinking about what makes people go over the edge and what must go through their heads when they do... I'm not going to jump. I'm really not that fond of water to do so and could come up with a few more poetic ideas than bridge jumping. Besides, I just took my first blood pressure pill this evening, which I'm afraid is going to prevent me from waking up tomorrow anyway. I left Glo a note on her dresser with instructions to call 911 if I'm unresponsive. ;-)

I'm totally serious.

I'll be back tomorrow.


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