Friday, March 1, 2013


There's a lady at the nursing home that scares me a little... she's in a wheel chair and she usually holds one of two creepy baby dolls on her lap. She kind of chomps her lips all the time too.  Honestly, she looks a little mean. I talk to a lot of the residents there... kind of peek into a couple of the rooms and say hi to some of the ladies.  There's a couple guys that I always say hello to.  Anyway, this lady, no matter what I did, always seemed to have a smirk and never really responded to anything I would say. I've asked her her name but I don't think she ever heard me. I still don't know it. I went to the big room to get a new menu for the week and she was sitting there right by the door.  She yelled at me and asked if my shoes were wet for some unknown reason... I said no.  Then she pointed to a chair and said I could sit there. I told her I was in a hurry to get home and she asked why. We talked for a couple minutes and she said that maybe next time I could stay.

Ever since she's been really sweet. I think she just wants someone to talk to. I don't know what her story is. I've never seen anyone visit her.  I've tried to get Glo to talk to her but she's very much like a mean girl there.  She doesn't really want to talk to anyone or mingle with the residents. She only goes to the group activities when they snatch her up if she's out for a walk down the hall. Then she bitches about it and goes on about how stupid it is.  French Fry Friday has soggy french fries... The sing-a-longs are dumb and all the old people do is clap!  There's a guy there - known as the player of the floor.  He has an electric wheelchair and he's always scooting down the hall - he's pretty boisterous. He caught me in the hall the other night and said he asked Glo out on a date.  I'm still not sure where they were going to go! Every time he passes by her door she gets all grumpy and says she hates him and he's stupid.  It's like 5th grade all over!

This photo is from a few days ago.  I went to visit and she wasn't in her room... I found out she was in the big room so I stood by the door and watched for awhile. It was the Apricot Braid activity... they made the dough on the second floor in the morning and then they cooked it and ate it on the third floor later that day.  The woman was talking about cooking and other things... it seemed like fun.  I could hear the leader asking Glo what she likes to do - play cards, bingo, etc... she said NO to everything.

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