Wednesday, March 27, 2013


You can't tell in this picture but Glo-worm looks like she was in a bar fight!  She has a pretty good shiner for some reason... she didn't bruise at all with the first one but this one is pretty bad.

Today was her followup after the surgery... that wasn't without issue yesterday.  She got a little loopy again - pre-anesthesia.  Actually really loopy.  Wasn't making any sense at all. She was talking about her brother in another room... there were three dolls standing at the end of the bed - last time it was my mother, Uncle Norman and Elmer... and she was extremely fidgety.  Wouldn't stay still... They had to sedate her way more than last time.  It took awhile for her to come out of it.  She has no filter whatsoever and it's way worse now... It was just a day of inappropriate things said. The poor nurse came to take her IV out and she says to me - remind me never to get my hair cut like her as she steps away. When I tell her to hush she comes back with something nice like her blouse is really pretty (her scrubs)... and then she'll say she has a really big ass.  It's exhausting. That's all I can say.

I got to her place this morning and she was sound asleep... We were a little late because I had to get her ready... we were on our way down and she thought she was going for her surgery. Seriously - it's like Groundhogs Day. All she was concerned with was going to Dick's Diner for breakfast after. That's what she's saying in this pic - when can we get the hell out of here and go eat? My thoughts exactly. ;-)

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