Sunday, March 10, 2013


Bud visited Glo today... everyone loved her. I brought all her papers and signed her in as a visitor awhile ago but I've been hesitant to bring her up... I really wanted to get a stroller so she didn't have to walk on the floor - I've been fearful that she would catch something.  That's a good enough excuse to get a dog stroller, right? ;-)

I didn't get too many pictures and most of what I did get are blurry because she was so excited!

I missed the best shot of her riding down the hall in a wheelchair with our new friend Debbie... I was too afraid she was going to fall off and get run over to get a photo.  It was like a celebrity was there. Everyone was so excited to see her. One guy got her a cup of water.  She only barked once (at him) but that was because he barked at her so she was just being polite. I was a little worried about that because she likes to talk.  She was a really good girl and made a lot of people happy. How could you not love the Lil Bud?

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