Saturday, March 23, 2013


I really needed a break today but Chrissy insisted we go back over to the Glo-worm's apartment to continue the clean out there... I am too capacity everywhere I have stuff - here, Cara's house, storage... The Dad says he's waiting for the film crew from TLC's Buried Alive to come knocking at the door.

Problem is some of the "stuff" at Glo's is mine... like 1 (or perhaps 5) giant pigs...

I have some fab kitchen pigs and pig lamps that I didn't want in storage so they lived in Glo's closets. Luckily Chrissy is a hoarder of bubble wrap and her favorite thing ever... air pillows - so we got 5 boxes of piglets all cushioned up in no time.  The girls are all into measuring and seeing if things will actually fit... I'm more into just trying and making it work.  No need to measure if that giant bench will fit in my car - I will pick it up (with my one good arm) and make it fit thank you very much.  And it did. ;-)  Chrissy and I are much like ants and can lift 20 times our body weight... Even though I hear her former mother-in-law probably would have been more help we made Cara carry the heavy stuff too and she did!  She's tall too so she sees things we don't! ;-)

After every big move we have to sit and regroup. I'm not well you know. ;-) This meeting usually consists of talk on what we are going to eat (I get cranky if I'm hungry) and then a plan on what's going out next. There's still some things left and I need to clean... now with the snow and Glo's surgery on Tuesday I know we are going to be scrambling come the end of the week to get this all done by Saturday. Job well done today, though. I don't know what I would have done without those two.

We put in 12 hours of work ending with breakfast... and a little side of mashed potatoes for me!

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