Monday, March 11, 2013


I've honestly not been able to focus on much lately and have a hard time even listening to tv let alone watching it but I did finally catch up last night with the only shows I do watch. I finished this season of Enlightened and caught up with Girls... and have all but last night's Shameless left.

They got me thinking...  we'll get to the others later - let's start with Shameless. It may not be an ideal or typical situation - big sister taking care of her f-ed up drunk father and the rest of her far from perfect siblings but it does show something about family dynamics...

Good - bad - or ugly...  You don't give up on family.  It IS possible to spin plates - as many as you choose to and sometimes they fall down and sometimes they stay spinning and you do what you have to do.

You don't run away.

That doesn't mean you lose yourself or put yourself last... it means you care about something and someone other than yourself and that's ok.

You look out for each other and (dare I say) take care of each other.

You don't need any self help books or workshops or anything else to show you the way... it's a simple concept. It's all about balance. Isn't it?

(Nice job keeping them spinning, Fiona.)

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