Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I got to Glo's and she was fit to be tied... she said they dragged her out of the room this morning and she couldn't figure out why... Turns out Miss Emily died this morning at 7 am. Alone. Well, Glo was there (technically) but she still insists that she's been dead for a couple days so I guess it was like being alone.  I was running a little late because I had to clean my car off - thankfully one of the girls must have helped Glo get dressed for her appointment. I ran into the room to get her glasses and coat. Emily was still there. By the time we got back she was gone... all that was left were her belongings bagged up on the bed. I know... I'm the only one that would take a picture of this. Just thought it was a perfect example of here today - gone tomorrow.

After Glo's appointment we met Chrissy for lunch.  Glo has been talking about going to Dairy Queen when Katherine is working for months now... She has been kind of obsessed with it.  I mean she does have a big love of ice cream as we all know - it's just been a weekly thing asking when Katherine is working.  It just so happened she was working today and Glo would be out because of her appointment so we figured we would get it off her bucket list.

It must have been on her mind because she kept telling the eye doctor that the ice cream looked really good but it bothered her eyes and it would probably be all melted by the time we got back in the car.  She was talking about the snow - still don't know if she was being cute with the ice cream analogy or if she really thought ice cream magically fell from the sky!

I think I finally caught up with back posts on this blog! Now if I can get back over to my photo challenges on IG I'll be good.  I'm going to try to go to bed. It's 8:30!  I think I'm hanging out with little old ladies too much! Goodnight, friends.

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