Thursday, March 14, 2013


Yep, Glo... and they'll probably be a "fucking bitch" in a minute or so. ;-) Glo-worm should be used to Chrissy by now.... she still gets a kick out of her trucker mouth. Chrissy offered to take us to Glo's pre-op appointment since my car is in the shop.  We made some returns and went to lunch.  All Glo does is tell everyone how much she hates it there so she's always looking for the opportunity to get out.  9 times out of 10 she doesn't remember she even has an appointment.  We went to pick her up and she completely forgot about it. Nonetheless, she's always joking to the girls that work there that she's not coming back and they make a big fuss that they will miss her. Usually after a few hours out she asks to go back.

She never seems to know what she is eating - even while eating it.  She saves all the tickets that come with her meals for me... for some reason she thinks I have to ok them all.  When we go out she just gets the last thing we mentioned...

Do you want meatloaf? I'll have the meatloaf...
You can have hot turkey?  I'll have hot turkey...
Do you want breakfast? Yes, I'll have breakfast!

She somehow ended up with a club sandwich at Eat N Park because she saw the picture.  She enjoyed it so that was fine. Did I ever mention that SuperBurgers make me sad? I guess not sad enough to not eat them.  Just sad. ;-(

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