Monday, March 25, 2013


Chrissy was telling us about an article she read in the paper talking about how everyone runs to the store when a snow storm is coming to get bread, milk and eggs... like all of a sudden everyone needs to make french toast when it snows!  I was at the store with all the other crazies getting bread, milk and eggs yesterday, among other things. I made beef stew today and got some chicken ready for tomorrow since I'll be out for Glo's eye surgery.  I love hunkering down on these days. The Bud sits in her bed and watches me in the kitchen just like RB used to do. I've said it before - I miss the days when I cooked for my husband. It's not the same cooking for The Dad. I'm not sure why. Anyway, dinner was ready early so we ate and I took a two hour nap.  I couldn't keep my eyes open. I think the last few days caught up with me. I forgot to take a pic of dinner so I'll post this since everyone is mad at the poor groundhog. Personally, I was hoping for about 10 feet so no harm, Phil. Better luck next year.

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