Saturday, March 2, 2013


We went to the home show today... there was a lot of swag - chip clips and yard sticks and Duquesne Light had cute little light bulb key chains. Breadworks was giving bread away and Savoy gave away a lovely tin of seasoning! It was the same old stuff on display, though...nothing that different.  It didn't seem like it was the largest show... I don't know.  It was somewhat depressing. The yard stuff and the mini houses and the kitchen stuff just remind me of Dixon House.

Anyway, only I would make a deal with the junk man there.  This guy had a booth displaying all the junk he could haul away for a fee... He had different pieces of "trash" laying around... Of course I had to ask how much he wanted for the beat up Tonka truck he had on the table.  He told me to make him a deal and in one minute it was mine.  I can't pass up a rusted old truck.

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