Thursday, March 28, 2013


Remember the baby doll lady?  I found out her name is Dorothy.  When I brought Aunt Gloria back from her eye surgery the other day we walked down the hall and Dorothy (sans baby doll) was in her wheel chair... she met us at the room and she said one thing... NOT what happened Gloria?  NOT why are you bandaged, Gloria?  She looked right at ME and said they're coming for you.  Seriously, Dorothy?  Really?  That's all I need now! What the hell is that supposed to mean?!?  I was getting Glo settled and Dorothy kept passing by the room in her wheelchair and would look in and say it. It was actually kind of funny.

And kind of creepy.

At Millers's today something touched me in one of the booths downstairs.  There was nothing around and I didn't run into anything.  Were they there?

Last night Lily Bud would not sleep in the bed again... she freaked out minutes after we went to bed and sat on my head until I brought her into the living room.  Were they in the bedroom? This is The Bud afraid of something...

I presume baby doll lady may be a little out of it... I'm just wondering if she knows something I don't know.

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