Friday, March 4, 2011


Anthropologie came out with a wedding line... BHLDN (pronounced beholden - inspired by the Dutch word "to keep.")
Staying along these lines of trying to figure out what I can do... what I like... remember TLCs a wedding story and a baby story? They were my favorite, favorite shows. They now make me sick. As I said a couple days ago... I know I can't take care of other people's babies - I just can't now... so that's out of the question. And planning someones wedding - I don't know. I'm sure I would be really good at it but I feel like it would just break my heart... I listened to the vows and saw all the flowers and bows and walked into the wedding the other day and was enamored by all the stuff and whole enchantment of it all but I think it would get to me... especially with all we did for ours.

This was on the card I bought for Susan and Michael... I liked it: "It's your story... Make it beautiful... Fill it up with what you love... Remember what matters... Forget what doesn't... Have a happy life together."

Simple enough, right?

I used to think it was neat that my husband was so involved in our wedding/planning and always said he would do it all over again... just didn't think it would be with someone other than me. ;-(

When I was on the altar and said those words in the title of this post and the ones that followed after - I meant them. I thought he did too. I miss him. With what I know now, I shouldn't - but I do.

In the grand scheme of things I am so a star girl versus a heart girl... but I've been taken by a lot of heart things lately. Funny, huh?

This just makes me smile...

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