Thursday, March 17, 2011


I was looking up the year for this quote from Sally Field from her Academy Awards speech... It was 1984 for Places in the Heart and the quote, I read, is often misquoted as I did in my title. It's actually "... you like me, right now, you like me!" I was thinking about that when I saw these:
First of all - I know they are a little topical but how cute!?! Secondly, wouldn't it be nice if you can just sum up everything with a thumbs up (LIKE) or a thumbs down (DISLIKE) - it would make everything so easy and fun, wouldn't it? Just a quick - for the moment - I like it - I really like it... As sally said - right now, at least.

I liked "liking" things on facebook to kind of have everything all together... but now with Pinterest I think one day I'll be pinning all all my likes there and my poor facebook will end up like myspace!

Here's something I dislike, though... Did you ever get a friend request from someone you barely knew or actually never really liked? Do you feel like you have to like them now? I have four people that I haven't accepted. They have been sitting there for months but I haven't had the heart to just delete them... I also dislike the fake messages - it was so nice to find out about all the interesting and fun things you've been up to - I really couldn't have cared less about them the last how ever many years I didn't bother to real friend you but now that we are facebook friends I'm so glad we are BFFs.. because you're awesome. I added that last awesome part. ;-) It's all so very silly. Especially when things like this are happening...
It makes me feel kind of silly trying to compile all my favorite things into one place when some people lost all of their favorite things in an instant. Yet I still do.

Anyway, here's something I do LIKE... Did you see the dog in Japan that wouldn't leave his friend's side? You can click here to read the story and watch the video.

That's compassion.

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