Tuesday, March 15, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday (just ten little things on my mind..)

1. This is the cutest thing I ever saw!

2. I just found my dad's light bill from february mixed in with a bunch of things that were in a bin at the bottom of my closet... I honestly don't even know what else is in there... I just put the bin back in the closet and shut the door. If Lily wasn't doing something she shouldn't have been I probably wouldn't have even realized anything was in there...

3. If I didn't collect pigs I would collect giraffes. I like giraffes.

4. Hmmm... 10.10.10

5. Chrissy has been obsessed with Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts since it came out - it's her jam. Before Lizzie left to go back to school she made her a cd with the song on it 10 TIMES! ;-)

6. My dad informed that he and his friends he goes fishing with are going to that gun bash in penn hills next month... he wants to have the pre-show and/or after party here. Drinks and appetizers. I told him that was kind of weird. I'm not going to stay here and serve everyone and I don't want to leave the dog here with them coming and going so I may take her for her first hotel stay!!! Trying to figure out where to go!

7. I watched wheel of fortune tonight. It reminded me of mum... It was a little annoying, though, because every time Lily heard a ding she ran to the door and barked. She's turning into a little freak dog.

8. Why is it that I never actually have time to sit down and read a magazine or watch a show... or read the sunday paper before the middle of the week? I really would just be happy to sleep and I can't even do that most of the time.

9. That women's shelter I threatened to go to Christmas night is looking better and better.

10. If I can just find one that looks like this it will be good. This room is spectacular! It would be like living in a coloring book.

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