Thursday, March 31, 2011


TOTh (Ten on Thursday)

1. The Dad gets entirely too caught up in this American Idol stuff... I've only listened to them from my room - they all can go home as far as I'm concerned.

2. We finally had Christmas yesterday... I must have seen chrissy a hundred times since then but, belive it or not, we just exchanged presents yesterday when she came over to help me set up the tv. Christmas in July is so overrated... we like Christmas in almost April!

3. Funny how the veggie hoagie came full circle.

4. I know they aren't gluten free but I bought them anyway! Wheat, spelt, rice whatever - all I do is throw bread away anyway. Couldn't resist these though. Seriously - how cute are they???

5. At lunch today it made me both happy and sad to hear that Jonah was reminiscing about the two of us riding Toy Story Mania three times in a row last year while everyone else was on a different ride.

6. This puppy dog gets more treats for being BAD - BAD - BAD!

7. I bought these life hammers for everyone a few years ago. Yes, I'm a weirdo. I've been thinking about my car bursting into flames at any given moment since it always smells like something is burning in it... I was stuck on the hulton bridge in the hail storm the other day and got a little panicky. I took it out just in case my visions came true. It's crazy what the mind can do.

8. With that said - my tongue kind of feels numb.

9. It's been pretty busy over at Two Bitches with Two SUVs Moving Company and it's only going to get busier... I've been loading boxes and double checking with the boss on what we should name them... here's one of them:

10. If number 6 doesn't say enough - talk about a horrible dog mom... I heard a big clang in the other room a little bit ago and thought something fell in the kitchen. It was poor Lily swatting and barking at her EMPTY water bowl. Please don't call dog protective services on me.

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