Wednesday, March 30, 2011


T & A
Maybe I should start writing these posts in the morning when I can see straight. I'm actually really tired tonight. Lily's stomach was growling this morning and she freaked herself out. I was out in the backyard at 5:15 am in little pjs, my dad's giant hoodie and a blanket... We came back in and tried to go back to bed but it happened again and I think she thought there was a monster under the bed because she jumped off and went on the couch... I, of course, had to go with her. There's always so much going through my head at night anymore that I really don't know what I should talk about so I'll just talk about this sandwich...
I've been thinking about the T & A sandwich we used to get in North Carolina. It's been on my mind lately and have been wanting to make it. It was one of my favorite things that I kind of just forgot about until recently. It's turkey and apple (T & A) and cranberry mayo... yummy. I think alfalfa sprouts go on it too. I actually forget what cheese we used - that's why I haven't made it. I may do this one instead. Though GBA (gouda, bacon and apple) isn't as enticing a name.

Recipe here if interested.

Hoping the monsters stay away tonight. ;-)

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