Saturday, March 12, 2011


It was about 7000 degrees at the pool tonight for Dante's 2nd Birthday... Unfortunately I don't have a picture of cute little Dante blowing out his candles or the little 4 month old pug, Rocky, in his St. Patrick Day shirt that came with one of Chrissy's friends. I can't believe I didn't get any of those fun things - the girl with the camera attached to her at all times didn't snap any of that! I did get a picture of this, though.
It turns out that every other saturday is senior nudie night at the pool... the gang was coming in as we were getting ready to go. They were putting up the tarps to block the outsiders from seeing all their old naked loveliness. Mary said that she learned a few things from hosting this since 1984...

1. It's hard to keep eye contact when talking to any of them.

2. The statement "All men are created equal" is NOT true.

3. All men should be circumsized.

They bring food and have different themes... chili night... chocolate night... My Dad said he thought he heard they were going to have beans and wieners tonight. ;-)

I was thinking of staying... I did get a wink from the old Italian guy.

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