Thursday, March 3, 2011



Let's continue with the job search thing... I've been questioning the real estate route. I know (and I can't tell you how many other people have told me the same thing) that showing and doing an open house would just be panic attack city. Along with my big fear of being killed in a library I also am terrified of being killed at an open house. I was even afraid for the girls we saw when we went looking the other day! I have talked to a bunch of people and several agents about this and was told this is NOT the way to go especially these days and in this economy. They were all way too willing to share their horror stories (of being attacked or pick-pocketed or harassed) which kind of made things worse. Damn HGTV for making house hunting shows look like so much fun!

side note: After yelling at Chrissy for saving every plastic bag she ever purchased something in and having years old magazines on her bookshelves...
...I proceeded to box up some of her Mary Engelbreit Home Companions from 2004 to bring home with me. Putting two hoarders together is NOT a good thing! ;-)

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