Monday, March 21, 2011


I love food... I always have - real or imaginary. It was always one of my favorite "toys." I loved going to Sears or Montgomery Ward and look into the refrigerators they had there and find all the fake plastic food.
Sometimes my Dad would even steal it for me. I would get in the car and he would hand me an egg or a hot dog! I'm sure there has to be some of it in this house still. The big thing on Etsy now is felt food play sets... so cute. Felt is the new plastic.
Anyway, I'm wondering if this obsession led me to my love of grocery stores... whenever we would go away for a work meeting or anywhere that was one of my favorite things - going to a strange grocery store!

Weird? Maybe.

I just like to see how it's set up, what they have in their hot foods section, what's new there, who shops there... Did you ever look into someone's cart to see what they had in it? I have. You can tell a lot from that, I think.

The grocery store is usually the wife's or mom's second home. I've been known to be there for hours. I did a lot of the shopping on my own but we used to go a lot together too. Almost like an excursion... go to eat... do the shopping. I think it's a very intimate thing going to a grocery store... couples go, families... "Let's get this" - "I don't like that" - "What do you want to have for dinner tonight?" It's kind of a shared experience. Maybe I'm making a big deal about an ordinary thing - but for me, it was meaningful... and, now, symbolic.

I need my meds. And a snack. Preferably not plastic or felt.

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