Tuesday, March 22, 2011


TOT (ten on tuesday)

1. The weather this morning reminded me of penn state. I have two weather scenarios... when it's really cold or when you can tell it's going to warm up by the afternoon but it's still chilly in the morning - "sweater weather." ;-) When the air hits me I sometimes get transported right back to that place - often my cedarbrook balcony or the walk to the post office or the library... The library has been on my mind lately and the downstairs vending area and pretzel nibs. I woke up the other night thinking I was alone, in the dark on the willard steps.

2. I did some yard work on sunday - well, I raked some leaves in the back... I love being in the dirt... I miss my plants and doing yard work at Dixon House. ;-( I always liked our little breaks and having to hop in the car all dirty and run up to rolliers for something and getting mineos - sans roasted red peppers.

3. Oh, how I miss ROLLIERS!

4. "The depth of his passion is immeasurable." Funny.

5. I guess everything is replaceable...

6. Did you ever see a hedgehog in a cast?
Now you have.

7. Did you see the story about this dog?

8. I need to eat more vegetables.

9. She is one strange pup.

10. This gets to me every time.

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